What is SRE ?

Site reliability Engineering (SRE) today has become an important pillar in narrowing the gap between developers and IT operations. It represents the solution between what actually happens in the software and what we want to happen to guarantee an excellent user experience. It is a discipline that covers a set of principles and practices to solve infrastructure and operational problems.

The concept was created to handle all complex operations to be solved by technically reasonable solutions. …

To illustrate the subject of our article, we used the famous quotation of the great Cardinal de Richelieu (Les maximes d’Etat 1623):

«The great flames are born of small sparks».

To tie up the subject, this article will be divided into 5 parts:

1/ What is Microbenchmarking?

2/ How is it useful?

3/ Microbenchmarking in BigData

4/ What problems could we encounter?

5/ Microbenchmark vs Macrobenchmark.

6/ How to set your reference scale?

1/ What is Microbenchmarking?

When dealing with a research, survey, study, etc. the most manageable reference volume is the one of small size. …

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